[GCC-XML] /MD switch in msvc71. Any MFC patch?

Brad King brad.king at kitware.com
Wed Sep 7 09:33:34 EDT 2005

László Blum wrote:
> Thanks you for your tip! It helped a lot!
> I started to hack the MFC related includes according to your description.
> Did I understand correctly that the task is to maintain the skeleton of the
> code the MFC provides? Am I free to hack inside the bodies of the functions?
> I want to make pyste work. I don't think it need any deeper analysation of
> MFC classes... I just want pyste to generate wrapper code to my classes.
> I will inform you how will I proceed.

That is correct.  Just make minimal changes to get it to parse in 
GCC-XML and avoid changing the interface if possible.  You could even use

#if defined(__GCCXML__)
   // Modified code.
   // Original code.

to help keep track of the changes you made.


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