[GCC-XML] (no subject)

Tomas Fägerlind dontommaso at hemmail.se
Thu Sep 8 07:23:08 EDT 2005

Im trying to use gccxml and i seems like it has problem 
with the #pragma once directive. When using #ifdef:s in 
order to prevent multiple includes of the same header it 
works but I have tons of files that use #pragma once. I 
thougt that specifying msvc7 as compiler would be enough 
but maybe I need some other flags? Can anyone help me?
The following is the command line I use and the errors it 

command line:

gccxml -I ../../interface --gccxml-compiler msvc7 
--gccxml-root c:/program/gcc_xml/share/gccxml-0.6 
SMEntity.h -fxml=SMEntity.xml


In file included from 
                  from ../../interface/MathLib.h:8,
                  from SMEntity.h:6:
../../interface/Mathlib/Vec3D.h:8: error: redefinition of 
`class Vec3D'
../../interface/MathLib/Vec3D.h:8: error: previous 
definition of `class Vec3D'
In file included from ../../interface/Mathlib/Vec3D.h:60,
                  from ../../interface/MathLib.h:8,
                  from SMEntity.h:6:
../../interface/Mathlib/Vec3d.inl: In function `float 
../../interface/Mathlib/Vec3d.inl:86: error: redefinition 
of `float
    DotProduct(Vec3D&, Vec3D&)'

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