[GCC-XML] (no subject)

Brad King brad.king at kitware.com
Thu Sep 8 08:59:46 EDT 2005

Tomas Fägerlind wrote:
> Im trying to use gccxml and i seems like it has problem with the #pragma 
> once directive. When using #ifdef:s in order to prevent multiple 
> includes of the same header it works but I have tons of files that use 
> #pragma once. I thougt that specifying msvc7 as compiler would be enough 
> but maybe I need some other flags? Can anyone help me?

Unfortunately I don't think this can be fixed.  GCC-XML can 
approximately simulate msvc7's preprocessor using the GCC preprocessor 
by defining the proper macros.  It cannot simulate #pragma directives 
that are not implemented by the GCC preprocessor.  Since "#pragma once" 
is a non-standard extension it is not implemented by GCC, so GCC-XML 
cannot handle it.


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