[GCC-XML] Function bodies

Daniel J. Lauk dj at djlauk.de
Wed Jan 11 05:22:46 EST 2006

Hello, it's me again.

As for 1) I decided do continue on my own work. I'll release them under either 
BSD or X/MIT license, not sure yet.

Could anybody help me on 2) and 3), please?
For 3), this is what I did so far:
*) I already separated parts of xml.c into xml.h -- works fine.
*) I have my code in separate .c and .h files.
What I did not succeed at, is:
*) Modifying any CMake related files, so that my .c file is built and linked 
to xml.c.
*) Modifying the frontend so that a flag would indicate, if or if not to dump 
the functin bodies.

Could anybody provide help at this? How is this done the right way? After all 
I hope, my code will make it into gccxml's CVS some day...

Best regards,

Am Sonntag, 8. Januar 2006 15:37 schrieb Daniel J. Lauk:
> Hello, List.
> I recently started working on function bodies. I try to merely dump the
> internal syntax tree.
> I have some questions:
> 1) Is there anybody, who's already working on this? I don't want to re-do
> somebody else's work. Maybe we could work together.
> 2) How can I map a function call in a body to the ID it is assigned in the
> declaration?
> 3) How would you suggest integration of my code? By now it's a simple
> #include into xml.c (bad-style, I know, but I was merely testing).
> Best regards,
> DJ
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