[GCC-XML] build errors on Windows XP with Visual Studio 2005

Brad King brad.king at kitware.com
Wed Jun 28 10:37:21 EDT 2006

David Backeberg wrote:
> Hi there:
> Has anybody successfully compiled a recent version of gccxml with
> Visual Studio 2005? There's an open bug report number 2163, asking for
> MSVC8 support, but MSVC8 support is implied in
> http://www.gccxml.org/HTML/Running.html
> Furthermore, the cmake step seems to know I have MSVC8.
> I get lots of problems. I'm using a CVS checkout from June 25th or so.
> I'm using the Windows version of cmake, version 2.4.2. I have cl.exe
> from Visual Studio 2005 (VS8) properly setup so cmake can reach it. I
> use the cmake gui to put the build files in a different directory from
> the source, and this completes successfully, leaving one .sln file,
> and a few .vcproj files in the top level of the source-build
> directory.
> I load the .sln file in Visual Studio, and press F6 to build-all. I
> get 75 errors. From a glance at the errors, they seem to be mostly
> from gcc itself. Is there a way to build gccxml in such a way that it
> will make calls to cl.exe / MSVC8 in such a way as to not need gcc
> anyway? All I really want to do is use gccxml to call MSVC8 to markup
> some Windows source code, and do some string parsing on the xml
> augmentation to analyze the code.
> Error    1    error C2373: '__sys_errlist' : redefinition; different type
> modifiers    c:\gccxml\GCC\libiberty\strerror.c    474

I've committed a few fixes so that GCC-XML builds with VC 8 now. 
Previously you had to build with another VC version but VC 8 was 
supported at runtime.  Now it should just work.


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