[GCC-XML] C++ Reflection Using GCCXML?

Brad King brad.king at kitware.com
Wed Apr 25 11:12:17 EDT 2007

CHABO Gabriel wrote:
> I just read your post about Reflection using GCCXML.
> Do you know if anyone took it upon himself to develop such a project?

I'm not aware of a project that uses GCC-XML to reflect C++ for use by
other C++ code.  There are several projects that use it to wrap C++ into
bindings for python, Tcl, Java, etc.

> Also, I'm wondering about uninstantiated template support in the current
> version, what I want to do is define a set of rules that govern the
> coding convention of a cpp file, one of which is to forbid the use of
> templates (for now), Is there any way I can do this in GCCXML?

Without modifying GCC-XML there is no way to know from the output
whether any templates were encountered.  Note also that GCC-XML works on
entire translation units, not just individual source files.  That means
that if a header (such as a system header like <iostream>) uses
templates they would not pass your check.

If you're looking for a style checker, see this project:



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