[GCC-XML] Error using msvc6

Brad King brad.king at kitware.com
Tue Nov 27 14:06:18 EST 2007

Vaidya, Jalil wrote:
> I have sample code that uses a map of CString objects where CString is a
> class derived from std::basic_string and uses a custom defined
> case_insensitive_traits. The CString code is in CString.h and the class
> using it is in MapOfCString.h. I have attached both the files (My
> apologies if the attachments to mailing lists are considered
> inappropriate). 
> I am using 0.7 version of GCC-XML. When MapOfCString.h is parsed using
> msvc6 as compiler setting then I get following error. The same header is
> parsed using msvc8 compiler setting without any errors. 
> The code compiles just fine in both VC6 and VC8 (VS2005). Any ideas on
> how to get this working with msvc6? Any help is much appreciated.

The problem is that VC6's headers do not have standard-conforming C++
code.  GCC-XML comes with patches for the standard library and platform
sdk headers to help them get through the internal GCC parser.  No patch
is provided for MFC headers.

The quick fix is to copy the offending headers to


(the location of the other patched headers) and then hack them up to fix
the errors.

See this message for more details:



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