[GCC-XML] Error using msvc6

Vaidya, Jalil jalil.vaidya at wachovia.com
Tue Nov 27 14:44:08 EST 2007

King, Brad wrote:
> Vaidya, Jalil wrote:
>> I have sample code that uses a map of CString objects where CString
is a
>> class derived from std::basic_string and uses a custom defined
>> case_insensitive_traits. The CString code is in CString.h and the
>> using it is in MapOfCString.h. I have attached both the files (My
>> apologies if the attachments to mailing lists are considered
>> inappropriate). 
>> I am using 0.7 version of GCC-XML. When MapOfCString.h is parsed
>> msvc6 as compiler setting then I get following error. The same header
>> parsed using msvc8 compiler setting without any errors. 
> [snip]
>> The code compiles just fine in both VC6 and VC8 (VS2005). Any ideas
>> how to get this working with msvc6? Any help is much appreciated.
> The problem is that VC6's headers do not have standard-conforming C++
> code.  GCC-XML comes with patches for the standard library and
> sdk headers to help them get through the internal GCC parser.  No
> is provided for MFC headers.
> The quick fix is to copy the offending headers to
>   C:/Dev/C++/gccxml/GCCXMLComplete/share/gccxml-0.7/Vc6/Include
> (the location of the other patched headers) and then hack them up to
> the errors.
> See this message for more details:
> http://public.kitware.com/pipermail/gccxml/2005-September/000661.html
> -Brad

Hi Brad,

Thanks for the pointers. The folder that you have mentioned already has
patched versions xtree and map, hence the question. I will follow
through your suggestions and see how far I can reach. Thanks for your


Jalil Vaidya

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