[GCC-XML] Problem digesting templates

Brad King brad.king at kitware.com
Thu Nov 29 15:33:25 EST 2007

Stefan Roiser wrote:
> Hi,
> we have checked out a gccxml version from date 20070615 and are facing
> the problem that it cannot digest the following "strip down" example
> template <int x> struct str1{};
> template <int x> struct str2;
> namespace detail { const int MINCLID = 256; }
> template <int CLID> bool addEntry() {
>     str1< sizeof( str2< detail::MINCLID - CLID  > ) >  var;
>    return true;
> }
> Todays HEAD version is able to process the code. Would you know from
> which date on this was fixed and also could advise us whether to use the
> current HEAD in production or there are pending issues after the move to
> gcc4.2.
> Cheers & thx in advance
>     Stefan
> BTW also a version we have from the 0.6 series is able to process it.

My guess is that the GCC 3.3 implementation used by 0.6 and 0.7.20070615
cannot properly handle this syntax.  However the bug is in code that was
not called by the 0.6 dump.  More information is included in the dump in
0.7.20070615 and probably tickles the bug.  Now that HEAD is based on
GCC 4.2 the bug has been fixed and the additional information can be
dumped without this error.

I encourage you to use CVS HEAD.  AFAIK there are no remaining issues
with the GCC 4.2 update.  The output is slightly different in some
specific cases but is no more or less valid than the old output.


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