[GCC-XML] Function bodies: Partial support avialable

dj at djlauk.de dj at djlauk.de
Mon Jun 9 00:40:03 EDT 2008

Dear all,

I know some of you are hoping for support for function bodies.
I have good news on that: My code adds that functionality.
I also have bad news: There are some drawbacks, but more on that later.

Check out http://gccxml-bodies.sourceforge.net/ and give it a try.
You'll need Mercurial (the DVCS from
<http://www.selenic.com/mercurial/>) to access the code.

Now to the drawbacks:

   * It's still based on GCC-XML 0.6, which is outdated and based on GCC 3.x.
      * Why? Because when I started the project, 0.6 was the latest version.
      * Since then the project only was sitting on my hard disk and
waited for me to finally revive it (which I did hereby).
      * So just give me some time to get up in sync with GCC-XML -- or
even better: Branch the code, do the changes yourself (i.e. CVS update
and clean up the errors), and share the changes with us (it's under
GPL anyway).

   * Support for function bodies is not fully functional.
      * E.g. template support is not fully implemented and will
presumably break. A most trivial "Hello world" using std::cout will
break (htere is a test case). std::cout is STL and causes some
not-so-trivial template code to be created and this does not work yet.
(The fact, that the "GCC-3.3 internals" docs are not complete doesn't
help much in this regard, does it?)
      * I'm working on it. So if you don't have the hang to do it, just wait...

So please, go ahead, get yourself a copy of the code, play with it,
break it, submit bugs (or maybe even patches?) to the sourceforge.net
bugtracker and enjoy yourself.

Kind regards,

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