[GCC-XML] Is gccxml still active

Brendan Simon brendan.simon at etrix.com.au
Sun Nov 7 18:04:56 EST 2010


Just wanted to know if the gccxml project is still active.  The last
entry on the news page is from Novemeber 2007 !!

However, there looks like there is some activity in the bug tracker so
I'm hopeful that gccxml is still alive :)

Is there a release due any time soon ??

What version of gcc is the latest gccxml based on ??

My main need is to to some documenation of existing code.  I want to
generate flow charts and the like from an existing code base so that it
can be audited.  Is gccxml an appropriate tool (or middleware) to
achieve that, or should I be looking at other tools such as Doxygen ??

BTW, are there any plans to integrate gccxml into the upstream gcc
codebase ??  It seems logical to me that this is where it should live
and there would be more chance of it remaining up to date with gcc


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