[GCC-XML] Compiling C code with gccxml - type conversion errors

Sarvi Shanmgham sarvi at cisco.com
Thu Feb 23 19:06:50 EST 2012

I have the latest gccxml installed.
I am trying to compile a C source files

I believe it is trying to treat as a C++ code and throws up some type
conversion errors like
error: invalid conversion from 'char*' to 'uchar*'

How can I force it to treat the code as C code instead of C++ code?

My gccxml_config file is as follows:

I invoke GCCXML as follows with additional command line ­D and ­I
/ws/sarvi-sjc/mytools/bin/gccxml  -fxml=ipc_ports.gccxml   ipc_ports.c

I am seeing the following type of errors
infra/spi/ipc/src/../include/ipc_posix.h:347: error: invalid conversion from
'char*' to 'uchar*'
infra/spi/ipc/src/../include/ipc_posix.h:347: error:   initializing argument
1 of 'ulong BITMASK_FIND_FIRST_SET(uchar*, ulong, ulong*)'
infra/spi/ipc/src/../include/ipc_posix.h: In function 'ulong
BITMASK_FIND_FIRST_CLEAR_ULL_BE(ulonglong*, ulong, ulong*)':
infra/spi/ipc/src/../include/ipc_posix.h:364: error: invalid conversion from
'char*' to 'uchar*'
infra/spi/ipc/src/../include/ipc_util.h: At global scope:
infra/spi/ipc/src/../include/ipc_util.h:97: error: expected unqualified-id
before 'delete'
In file included from infra/spi/ipc/src/ipc_ports.c:28:
infra/spi/ipc/src/../include/ipc_ports.h:324: error: expected ',' or '...'
before 'template'
infra/spi/ipc/src/../include/ipc_ports.h:328: error: expected ',' or '...'
before 'template'
infra/spi/ipc/src/ipc_ports.c: In function 'void
infra/spi/ipc/src/ipc_ports.c:256: error: invalid conversion from 'void*' to

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