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Note: GCC-XML has been succeeded by CastXML.

Installing GCC-XML has been significantly simplified by combining a patched GCC with the GCC-XML front-end in a single source tree. For those interested, the old install instructions are still available.

This page covers the build and installation process of GCC-XML from source. Refer to the Download page to get a copy of the source tree.

GCC-XML uses CMake to support building on many platforms. A copy of CMake may be obtained from the CMake download page. CMake will generate an appropriate build system for your platform and compiler.


Run the CMakeSetup GUI and specify the GCC-XML tree for the source directory. Specify a directory of your choice as the build directory (typically this is placed next to the source directory). Select the desired build system generator from the drop down menu. Use the GUI to generate a build system for GCC-XML on your computer. Then use the corresponding native tools on your system to actually build GCC-XML.

When the build finishes, there will be a "gccxml" executable in the bin, bin/Debug, or bin/Release directory inside the build tree depending on the build system you chose. It may be run directly from this location. Installation from a build tree is not currently supported on Windows.

UNIX & Cygwin

These instructions assume that GCC-XML will be built out-of-source (recommended), but an in-source build should also work. The commands below assume that you have extracted the source code into your home directory as ~/gccxml
$ mkdir gccxml-build
$ cd gccxml-build
$ cmake ../gccxml
$ make
$ make install
You can change the install prefix by adding -DCMAKE_INSTALL_PREFIX:PATH=/installation/path to the CMake command (default is /usr/local). If you are familiar with CMake, you should probably use the ccmake curses dialog instead.

This will install an executable called "gccxml" in PREFIX/bin and a supporting executable called "gccxml_cc1plus". Supporting files will also be installed in PREFIX/share/gccxml-version.

The "make install" step is optional. The gccxml executable may be run directly from the build tree. It will be located in gccxml-build/bin.